LUKMEF Africa Civil Society Development Centre [INFORMATION & MEMBERSHIP FORM]

The LUKMEF Africa Civil Society Development Centre (LACSODEC) builds on the successes and gaps in previous CSO strengthening programs (eg PASOC, PASC by the EU, US Embassy, and other Diplomatic missions) and has as mission to establish a self-reliant sub-regional multipurpose civil society Centre to strengthen the institutional/operational capacity of CSO to collaborate and influence public policy and public accountability that generate local, national and Sub-regional peace and stability leading to growth in diverse domains including but not limited to the achievement of national development priorities as well as the SDGs to improve the living standard of the population.

We are now in the process of identifying and engaging with civil society organizations, networks, and professionals in various domains in different countries in the Sub-Saharan African region that are the eventual direct beneficiaries of the programs and tools being developed to be delivered at the centre and in different countries in the Region.

All information provided herein will be used for the purpose of understanding the CSO landscape in different countries, the priority needs and hence informed policy of the center towards attempting collective solutions to the needs raised.

1. Strengthening CSO institutional Governance
2. Strengthening CSO Operational capacities
3. Developing and sharing key institutional and operational management tools
4. Ongoing strategic Trainings that increases performance and access to funding
5. Data collection, analysis, publication and dissemination for informed policy formulation
6. Building and strengthening bilateral and multilateral ( networks) collaboration between CSOs towards the establishment of a community of practice
7. Promotion of community, national and sub-regional multi-actor engagement in mediation, conflict transformation, peacebuilding in Sub-Saharan African region
8 Promote and support North-South collaboration among CSO towards the localization of development and humanitarian Response
9- Promotion of a sustained CSO media space in the Region
10 – Establish and maintain a CSO research and documentation centre ( offline/online library)
11. Establish a youth Technology and business development and incubation Hub that respond to national and regional needs of local government and SME
12. Develop smart MEAL Systems and tools for CSO project
13. Shared workspace for CSO twining, networking as well as for start-up CSOs
14. physical and Virtual conferencing facilities for CSOs

The government practices administrative tolerance” in that it allows many organizations to operate semi-legally, unable to gain full registration but able to conduct activities without reprisal. At the same time, local officials sometimes hinder the activities of anti-corruption and human rights CSOs.

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