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LUKMEF work in close collaboration with leading agencies, government, CSOs, leveraging our experience and expertise to issue rapid humanitarian response with local level organisations.

Our 24 Year Results are shared with our long standing partnerships

“As an organization, our vision, mission and hence our mandate is informed by the local realities formulated through an inclusive, citizen-driven bottom-up approach. We stay relevant to the national priorities of our host countries BUT remain true to regional and global standards of adequate, quality and ethical service delivery. We remain committed to development localization as the foundation for inclusion, human dignity and a stable world for current and next generations. To this end, we value our partnerships that over the years have generated shared results and mission fulfillments. We remain grateful to our past and current partners and continue to keep our doors open for potential partners

Tanyi Christian ( CEO, LUKMEF)
The LUKMEF Open day 2023